Public Roller Skating

Roller skating sessions for the public are one of the main attractions at Skateland Skating Center. Roller Skating provides great exercise and an opportunity to get out of the house - plus, it's not like exercising at the gym... roller skating is fun! Lace-em up and come join the others. Get on the floor and get ready for a great experience

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Speed Roller Skating

Some say roller skating around in circles is boring - others feel the thrill of flying around on the floor at nearly twenty to forty miles per hour and find it exhilarating.

Speed Roller Skating is fast, requires strength, skill, talent and concentration. Skateland Skating Center provides speed roller skating facilities with very fast floors. For more information please call 850-626-4070

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Roller Derby

Roller Derby is exciting for both participants and spectators alike - and they have roller derby at Skateland Skating Center. If you'd like to come out and watch, or even sign up for one of their leagues, give them a call right now for more information at (850) 626-4070. You'll love it!

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